The Hon. Julian Bond
Member, Georgia Legislature
National Civil Rights Leader

Address at Dedication of
W.E.B. DuBois Memorial Park
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
October 18, 1969

W.E.B. DuBois correctly stated that the problem of the 20th
Century would be the problem of the color line.

In those few words he summed up the crisis that has occupied
men and nations, and that has become the first order of business for
millions of oppressed peoples.

The roots of the crisis are as old as the world itself; the
roots involve the continuing failure of the minority of peoples in
this world to share wealth and power with the majority of the world's

It is a struggle that has broken out on every college campus;
it has been taken to the streets of most cities in the country, both
violently and non-violently.

It is a part of the struggle that inspires Cuban cane-cutters
to overthrow dictators, a part of the struggle that inspires Vietnamese
peasants to resist, successfully it seems, 20 years of attempts to dom-
inate their homeland; it is a part of the struggle that inspires
Alabama sharecroppers to risk life and limb in order to have a chance
at controlling their destiny.

Dr. DuBois believed that scientific and rational study of
the problems of race and class would yield rational and logical solu-
tions; civilized man, or educated man, is supposed to solve his prob-
lems in a civilized manner, we have all believed.

But the problems of the 20th Century are so vast that many
have quite properly been urged to seek uncivilized solutions to them.

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