These problems include the poisoning of the air and water; the rape of
the land; the new colonialization of people, both here and abroad; the
new imperialism practiced by Western democracy, and the continuing
struggle of those who have not against those who have.

With the birth of the colossus called the United States,
rational and educated men began to believe that civilization, stretched
to its highest order, had begun. Building on a heritage of revolution,
expressing a belief in the equality of most, if not all men, this new
democracy was to be the highest elevation of men's relationships one to
the other, and a new beginning of decency between nations.

Civilization, as it was then defined, included imposing lim-
itations on war between nations, encouraging the spread of industrial-
ization, the civilizing of so-called heathen elements, the harnessing
of nature for the benefit and pleasure of man. It was believed gener-
ally that man's better nature would triumph over his base desire to
conquer and rule and make war, and that intellect, reason and logic
would share equally with morality in deciding man's fate.

Of course it has not been so. Man still makes war, he still
insists that one group subordinate its wishes and desires to that of
another, he still insists on gathering material wealth at the expense
of his fellows and his environment.

Men and nations have grown arrogant, and the classic struggle
of the 20th Century continues.

The educated peoples of this world have enslaved the unedu-
cated; the rich have dominated the poor; the white minorities have
crushed the non-white peoples of the globe.

Revolutionary nations -- revolutionary 300 years ago -- have

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