turned to counter-revolutions.

This country, which has visited death on thousands of
Vietnamese, has found the arrogance to ignore the centuries of pleading
from her own domestic colony, the blacks.

When these pleadings are dismissed, then the problem of the
20th Century comes to the fore, and violence is done to the notion that
men can solve their problems without it.

We need to discover who is, and who isn't, violent in America.

Violence is black children going to school for 12 years and
receiving 5 years of education.

Violence is 30 million hungry stomachs in the most affluent
nation on earth.

Violence is having black people represent a disproportionate
share of inductees and casualties in Vietnam.

Violence is a country where property counts more than people.

Violence is an economy that believes in socialism for the
rich and capitalism for the poor.

Violence is spending $900 per second to stifle the Vietnamese,
but only $77 a year to feed the hungry people at home.

Violence is spending $78 billion to kill and only $12 billion
to make whole.

Violence is J. Edgar Hoover listening to your telephone con-
versation; violence is an Assistant Attorney General proposing concen-
tration camps for white and black militants.

Violence is 6,000 American farmers receiving $25,000 not to

Violence is the Congress of the United States putting cotton,

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