tobacco, rice and cattle ahead of people.

Violence is Richard Nixon and Spiral Agnew ignoring the ex-
pression of peace of millions of Americans.

But an antidote to that violence exists; the antidote was
begun. with Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner, was given impetus by DuBois
and the Niagara Movement; was spurred by Martin Luther King Jr. and
thousands of nameless fighters for freedom.

But movement are not built on the helpfulmotions of a few,
but by the determined actions of the many.

The chance at power comes in this country not from seizing
a dean, but from seizing a welfare office; from organizing a strike of
domestic workers; from beginning the process of transferring strength
and power from those who have to those who do not.

This is not easy work. It is not easy because no one wants
to do it. In an era of doing your own things, no one wants to do for
and with those whose thing has become winning and retaining the right
to live.

It will require more than just the commitment of summer sol-
diers, although any solders are welcomed into an understaffed army.

It will require serious and systematic allocations of time
and energy and resources.

It will require that rhetoric be turned into action, that
schoolbook knowledge be turned itoward street situations, that theories
be turned into practice.

It will require that politics means people and their problems,
and not just elections and candidates.

It will require that we build a movement strong enough to

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