take over in a peaceful and orderly fashion; or to take control, following
the example of those who now exercise control.

That suggests there will be no peace. The oppressed of this
land will not let peace prevail, until they are given power or until
they are destroyed by it.

When the day of judgment comes, we shall each have to add up
our marks. Those who sat idly by and did nothing until that day shall
be the first to go.

But it will eventually consume us all. As the old spiritual
says, "God gave Noah the rainbow sign, no more water, the fire next

In our terms, it means the kind of commitment from young people
that would have kept the South in ferment from the heady days of
1964 until the present; it is the kind of commitment that takes over
the dean's office one day, but the welfare office the next; the kind of
commitment that will mean year-round participation in a new politics,
a people's politics, a politics that will insure a choice, and not an
echo, at the top of the ballot in November 1972.

And it will require that each of us keep in mind a prophecy
written by the late Langston Hughes -- that dreams deferred do explode.
For if this dream is deferred much longer, then an explosion will come.

The late -- and great -- Dr. W.E.B. DuBois' belief that the
problem of the 20th Century would be the problem of the color line was
later restated to include the problem of those who have not pitted
against those who have.

Dr. DuBois wrote, 65 years ago, a personal credo which, if
adopted by those in power, would begin to eliminate the problem of the

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