spends on all levels for higher education
- we spend as a nation $300 million dollars for jewelry
and argue in Congress over $10 million for the Teacher

For two weeks last year the nation sat still and listened
to a tale or rural poverty and hunger. A group called the "Citizens
Board of Inquiry" told us some unpleasant facts.

"Millions of Americans are being deprived of the food they
need," the report said. The "hunger counties" this group discovered
were largely in the South and Southwest, and were largely rural in po-
pulation. Even though hungry people held the spotlight for only two
weeks, there was some action taken. The Department of Agriculture,
the Office of Economic Opportunity, the Department of Health, Education
and Welfare together announced an emergency $10 million dollar program
to provide food and medical aid for the poor.

The $10 million dollars was a fine figure. According to the
figures collected by the Citizens Board of Inquiry, there are 10 million
chronically hungry people in this country. That means that in an
emergency situation, we are prepared to spend $1 per hungry person 6
to end hunger.

A rural poor person doesn't have much of a chance to re-
ceive what are laughingly called government handouts. In fact, only
18 1/2 per cent of all of the poor people in this country participated
in any government food program in 1967. Where federal commodities are
being distributed, families on welafre may find they are too rich to

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