called in to investigate an alleged mis-use of funds. At about
the same time Governer Brewer vetoed the second part of the demon-
stration grant, also overridden by OEO. When the second veto was
pushed aside the governor and Mayor Smitherman of Selma obtained
a circuit court injunction against the co-op charging mismanage-
ment and misuse of public funds.

What is SWAFCA to merit all this attention? A supplier of
guns? A school for training men in guerilla warfare? No! SWAFCA
is a supplier of fertilizer and a marketer of vegetables, a busi-
ness owned and controlled by 2000 black men in the heart of
racist Alabama. As a business SWAFCA lost money its first year
of operation. As a political force, as a social force, as an
organization with the ability of attraction over a million
dollars worth of federal and private money to be spent by poor
people for poor people, it is a qualified success. SWAFCA did
a total of $172,000 worht of business, just a shade more than
Senator Jim Eastland "earned" last year for not growing cotton
on his plantation. That helps keep SWAFCA in perspective.

There are eight or ten SWAFCA type cooperatives spread out
over the South. Three co-ops are leasing land, attempting to
buy a hundred or two acres with private money
and overall trying to reach the
poorest of the rural poor. The other agricultural co-ops are
presently only reaching the people with a sure hand on their
land. In Alabama, a black man farming on white land soon

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