farming operations fully mechanized with each member owning a
small plot of their own on which to grow specialty crops while
cattle graze in meadows owned cooperatively and government crop
diversion checks pay the overhead and the interest on the loans,
and you could go on and on -- if you had the money.

As 1968 came to an end, talk of a number of methods with
which to end poverty -- rural and urban -- with one or two
swift strokes became fashionable. Family allowances and some
form of a guaranteed annual income were endorsed by Ford MOtor
Company, Xerox, and IBM presidents. Without some form of or-
ganization among poor people who will receive such an allowance
if it ever becomes a reality, any form of subsidy payment to the
poor will simply insure a greater degree of exploitation.

Guaranteed annual income was not the only panacea offered
in 1968. Talk of "black capitalism" tended to drown out dis-
cussion of hunger and inadequate housing, as well. It is dis-
turbing to see the government shirk its responsibilities to its
citizens by once again subsidizing profit making businesses
to do its work. However, there is the feeling among conserva-
tives as well as some radicals that "big government" has failed,
and with conservatives in power the resulting belief is that

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