private business could succed in ending poverty. Inherent in
this thinking is the need for non-governmental and decentralized
decision making. The unhappy reality of America is that when
government fails all that is left to turn to is private, profit
making business. Therefore, the need for non-profit businesses
and organizations, oriented to human needs rather than money
(and more money) is critical.

The present infactuation with black entrepreneurship is
just the latest of a number of tries at involving money making
people into community and social problems. In the past, on-the-
job training with government paying private business to train
poor people, was the thing. Tax incentives to industries if
they will locate in a rural or urban slum, hire or train poor
people, is the new plan. "Turn key" programs where corporations
build plants, enjoy rapid amortization and tax breaks, and
eventually turn the plant over to a community corporation have
wide backing. To the extent such programs, when applied to rural
situations, help solve the two most imprtant problems of the
rural poor -- the lack of ownership of land and political
power -- they are welcomed. However, if black capitalism is
simply an insurance policy big business is offering -- five per
cent offered so ninety-five per cent will not be burned down --
to black profit making groups and individuals, the plan is

We need rather community socialism,
community control of land, community control
of all the institutions, goods, services, and
resources that flow in and out of our

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