being devised to deal with both of these difficulties.

On a national level, Black politicians are trying to insure that the black delegates who do go to the Democratic Convention in Miami in 1972 go as representatives of Black people, and not as the junior associates of organized labor or the already committed servants of any of the too many candidates for the Democratic nomination.

This strategy will include running black candidates as favorite sons - or favorite daughters - in many of the 23 primary states next year, with special attention being given to those states where the Black voter has made the difference between victory and defeat for state-wide candidates.

On a local level, the strategy would include making a determined attempt to capture every municipal office available in 1973. This ought not be viewed as a racist strategy, incidentally. When your fathers and grandfathers were running this city and state for their own pleasure for so many years, none of them thought it odd that no Black people were included, and none of them thought it racIst that white made right. This is simply a fulfillment of the old biblical prophecy that "the first shall be last, and the last shall be first."

Agian, we come back to the central question - what will you do?

In simple terms, you must be honest, upright, concerned members of your community, interested in the civic affairs and civic health of your state.

You must not fall victim to the same charades that have been so successful in the past - the myth that things will get better be-

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