directions of the compass, and a loud voice spoke out. The voice
said, "How dare you! " It said, "you haven't been to church in
25 years." In fact, the voice said, "the church has burned down
once and moved twice." The voice said, "you haven't prayed in
25 years, and yet you have the nerve, the first prayer in all
this time, [] instead of giving a prayer for the salvation of
men's souls or the elimination of injustice, hunger, and poverty,
you have the nerve to pray to me to save your worthless neck. "
The voice said, "I wouldn't save you if you were the last human
being on the face of the earth." Well, I don't mind telling you
that the old man's spirits fell. But he knew he could run a
couple of feet further. By this time the bear was licking his ear,
those sharp claws had just about torn the shirt off his back,
that hot breath had straightened the hair on the back of his head,
but he knew he could keep going for another two feet and he
decided he would send up just one more prayer, so once again he
lifted his voice to the heavens and he said, "Lord, oh Lord,
if you won't save me, he said "Please, don't help that bear."
It seems to me that that is really the choice you have. You have
the choice to continue as many other college students do in the
1970s carrying about nothing but yourselves, being more interested
in music, or drugs or the romantic rhetoric of revolution , the
ennobling sacrifice of self-enforced poverty, or you have the
ability to do something for yourselves. To do something for people
who are not as fortunate as you, and don't get your chance to come
to a university, who won't, at the end [] of four years get that
piece of [] parchment which is a passport to a certain standard
of life. You can make the choice yourself. I believe you will do
the right thing, but whever you do, please, please don't help
that bear! Thank you.

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