In addition to such practices which have existed since the
period prior to passage of the Act, those who would devise new
barriers to black participation in southern politics are hard
at work gerrymandering, annexing, consolidating, changing
polling places, changing election methods -- in short, using
every conceivable tactic to oppose, circumvent, or ignore the
intent of the Voting Rights Act.

Gerrymandering has occurred in recent years, ranging from
Congressional boundaries to city council districts. The state
legislatures of South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana,
Alabama, and Virginia have all formulated reapportionment plans
which have been challenged and found to be discriminatory to the
black vote.

The records of the Justice Department reveal case after case
of attempts to hinder, dilute, and eliminate the power of the
minority vote. These violations of Section 5 of the Voting
Rights Act did not occur a decade ago. They happened last year,
last month, yesterday, and there is no indication that they will

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