His name is W. Jack Edwards, and [illegible] you think I single him out, the records of
some others are no better.
Mayor [illegible] of Madison, Alabama, is repressed by [illegible] L. Dickinson,
who opposed the Black Caucus 93% of the time.
Mayor Johnny Ford in Tuskegee, and Mayor Judge Stringer in Hobsch City [illegible] -
presented by Bill Michols, who supported the caucus 27% of the time. Mayor Richard
of Brighton and Mayor Freddie Rogers of Roosevelt city are represented by John Buchanen, who supported the Caucus 24% of the time. Not surprisingly, Mayor A.M. Hayden of
Uniontown, who lives in a Congressional District that is 37% Black, has a congressman, Walter Flowers, who voted with the caucus 37% of the time.
In Arkansas, Mayor Lonnie Webster of reed and Mayor Arthur Bowens of Mitchellville and Mayor Dave Brooks
of Allport are lucky to be represented by Ray Thornton, who voted with the Black Caucus
71% of the time, and in Georgia, Mayor Maynard Jackson of Atlanta is lucky to be
represented by Andrew Young, who voted with his Caucus colleagues 98% of the time.
Georgia's only other Black Mayor, Richmond Hill of Greenville, is represented by
Jack Brinkley, whose district is 52% Black, and who supported the caucus only 27%
of the time.
In Florida, Mayor Gus Richardson of [illegible] is represented by one of the few Congress-
men in this survey whose Caucus support exceeded the Black population of his district
- Don Fugua who supported the Caucus 37% of the time.
Here in Louisiana, Mayor Harry [illegible] of West Hodge and Mayor Roosevelt Toussaint of [illegible]
and our host, Mayor B. T. Woodward of Grambling,
are represented by Otto Passman,

who voted with the caucus 58 per cent of the time.
Mayor John Bobb of Grand Coteau is represented
by Gillis Long, who
voted with the Caucus a surprising 78% of the time.
In Mississippi, Mayor N. B. Brooks of Falcon and Mayor James Shanks of Jonestown
are represented by Jamie Whitten, who supported the Caucus 27% of the time. Mississippi
Mayors F. C. Benson of Winstonville, Robert LeFlore of Pace and Karl Lucas of Mound

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