The Congressional Black Cacus promises to increase its attention to
legislative goals, and hopefully will be able to coordinate you efforts and mine
to bring real political pressure on the men and women who set national
policy for us in Washington.
You hace a rather large task before you. You must try to revitalize cities held
hostage by hostile state and federal governments while you try to set political
goals and directions for your constituents,
Whether the issue is extension of the Voting Rights Act, healt care and income
security for all, or a new plant for your city, what affects one of you affects us all.
While some of you seek assistance on foreign shores, remember that there are powerful
and vindictive forces here opposed to any dialoge between you and the OPEC states, and remember too,
that your brothers in the sub-saharan africa have discovered that friendship with
one side in the struggle in the Middle East does not always bring rewards.
We together face formidable offs.
We are common victims of a national coalition of the comfortable, the callous and
the smug, whove closed their hearts, thier monds and their ranks to the cailms and
calls to conscience put forward by the forgotten and unrepresented elements in
American society.
We have a job to do, and a world to win. The future is in your hands.



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