About the Project:

Following the death of civil rights leader Julian H. Bond on August 15, 2015, the University of Virginia acquired the entirety of his papers and moved them to the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library for preservation. In an effort to make the papers accessible to the public, the Carter G. Woodson Institute partnered with the Center for Digital Editing beginning in 2017 to create a scholarly edition of his papers.

How to Help Transcribe Documents:

  • Under “Works” below, look for your location in the list of documents: Online Participant, Carter Woodson, McCue Center, Scholars’ Lab, Shenandoah Joe, or VCB.
  • Select a document by clicking on its title.
  • A list of pages from that document available for transcription will appear. Select one from the list and get started!
  • When you have finished transcribing a page, click "Save Changes" in the top right corner of the page.

The transcription conventions, or “rules,” are located at the bottom of every page in the transcription view. Additional help can be found here: https://fromthepage.com/centerfordigitalediting/the-papers-of-julian-bond/sample-document/help. A sample transcription is also available, see https://fromthepage.com/centerfordigitalediting/the-papers-of-julian-bond/sample-document.

Transcription Conventions:

  • Spelling: Use original spelling.
  • Capitalization: Retain all capitalization, including texts that use all capital letters.
  • Punctuation: Retain all punctuation.
  • Line Breaks: Hit return once to mark the end of a line in the printed text.
  • Paragraph Breaks: Hit return twice after each paragraph ends.
  • Illegible text: Indicate illegible readings in single square brackets: [illegible]
  • Deletions: Please ignore letters, words, or phrases that have been deleted or struck through.
  • Insertions: Include the text of any manuscript additions at the place where Bond intended it to be inserted, using <sup>text</sup>. Do not include any symbols or lines he may also have included.