We are horrified and shamed by our country’s
ruthlessness in Vietnam, and our continuation of that
war beyond any remnant of reason.

As citizens, we feel obligated to do all in
our individual and joint power to stop these acts and
the policies that direct them and to restore the peace
and peaceful international behavior of this country.

We say plainly and emphatically to all
Congressmen, including any who may aspire to Presidential
or Vice Presidential nominations in 1976, that it is no
longer possible to take seriously or to support again
for any office those Congreemen who vocally profess a commitment
to peace while voting continued appropriations for war.
As its first order of business in the new session,
Congress must move to stop this war. We shall do all
we can to organize popular pressure on Congressmen to
that end.

If the Nuremberg trials mean anything at all,
they would hold responsible those officials of the White
House, the State Department, the Department of Defense,
the C.I.A., and other agencies who continue to prosecute
this war. Common morality demands that men and women
in those positions resign forthwith.

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