of the black community is also well-known. A disproportionate
number of liquor stores are found in the ghetto. Often they
stay open later at night. Through the years, many a senseless
homicide in and outside of taverns or at dance halls have occured in
a setting of excessive alcohol consumption. Approximately half of all
American auto fatalities can be traced to one party driving while

We have evidence that over the last few years, barbiturate
abuse has become a steadily rising problem among many black teenagers
in or out of school.

Whie "speed" was popularized by the young white drug using
subcultures of San Francisco and Los Angeles during the late
sixties, serious amphetamine abuse in the black community began ten to
twelve years earlier.

The only one of the four basic categories of drugs that
is not more serious among blacks than whites is the hallucinogen.
As a rule, blacks shy away from LSD and drugs of this type. We

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