can only speculate as to why this is the case. Perhaps one reason
is that the supply routes are differnet that with the more tradicional
drugs, England, the West Coast, the college campus, amateur
chemistry labs. Unfortunately, however, there are signs that
some of our more educated brothers who are becoming more integrated
inot the majority culture, are now beginning to "drop acid."

In view of the fact that drug addiciton is such a
serious menace to the black community, I have in the past, and may
again overreact to the problem. Like you, I am more than a little resentful
by the incredible national inattention to what has essentially
been a black problem--until the drug problem moved out of the
ghetto and began to threaten the comfortable white suburbs
and those curious middle and upper middle class youngsters residing
in them.

More than once I have thought that if the larger society had
chosen to exert half the effort it is beginning to muster in dealing

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