Who are being preyed upon. Typically, the black youth gets
caught up in the drug scene during his late teens and remains a
victim the better part of his adult life. Dropping out of school is
the usual result, followed by the embarking upon a career of hustling in
the street by using his or her wits.

As you well know, a narcotics habit increases in cost the longer
one has it. The ten dollar a day habit grows to a forty or fifty
dollars in a matter of months and it is not infrequent for the
addictto spend 75 to 100 dollars a day for heroin. Fantastic
amounts of energy, creativity, and intelligent planning are devoted
to getting money to pay for one's habit. Most often this involves
illegal pursuits. Many sell drugs to others as a way of making
money. The addict "turning" durgs does not quite well economically,
but unfortunately, most of what he makes goes into his own arm.

Contrary to a widely circulated myth, most addicts are
brighter than normal. Nevertheless, most eventually do get
caught and periodically serve time in prison. The morality rate of
narcotics addicts is serveral times higher than that for the
general population. In addition to themselves, addicts hurt
their families. They drain them of their financial resources, lie

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