to them, disappoint them. If small children are involved, they
may be severely neglected.

As serious as the situation has been during peak epedemic
periods in past years, there is every indication that drug addiciton,
particularly heroin, is one again on the upswing.

Only a year and a half ago, there were many hopeful signs that
the heroin problem was coming under control through the combined
efforts of treatment and law enforcement. In most communities,
overdose deaths, hepatitis and crime rates were declining after steadily
rising for a decade.

But because of the influx of heroin from Mexico and Turkey's
renewed opium cultivation, we are finding increased demand for
treatment not only in the Southwest, but in Chicago, Philadelphia,
and Boston. We are finding further demands for treatment in cities
which had not previously reported significant demand.

Combined with new supplies of heroin is a recessionary
economic situtation which can only increase the numbers of
jobless, frustrated, hopeless citizens who comprise those
groups most susceptible to drug addiction. Add to this dismal

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