Georgia State Senator Julian Bond (D.-Atlanta was
7th among 31 potential Democrat candidates for our
party's presidential nomination in 1976. Ahead of
him were six men who had run before' he placed far
above all of the presently announced candidates
except for senator " Scoop" Jackson. Now a group of his
friends are trying to see whether this support can
or ought to be translated into a full fledged
campaign. That takes money, of course, but most
importantly, it takes volunteers willing and eager to begin spreading the word about
Georgia's most famous politician.
Bond is 35 years old. He was leader of the challenge delegation to the 1968 Convention
that succeed in knocking out the unit rule and unseating the hand-picked Lester Maddox
delegation. He was nominated for Vice-President but had the withdraw his name because
he was to young. He was a delegate to the 1972 convention, and served on Georgia's
Democratic Executive Committee. He was appeared on College Campus and in the Union Halls,
in Churches and Board rooms acress the Country, urging greater political participation
by Minorities and Youth. If you wan to be part of a growing group of Americans who
want a new face with fresh ideas for '76, please sign up below.
Gallup poll December, 197[illegibe]

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