I wanted to write for two reasons: one is to thank you for inviting me tolecture under your sponsorship, and the other is to ask your cooperation concerning details of the schedule and facilities for the lecture.

I want to ask that you schedule only those events specified in the contract we negotiated. I always like to have a press conference, preferably within the hour before the speech; it is my experience that these conferences seldom last more than thirty mintues. I will try to keep my own schedule flexible enough to allow for participation in last minute developments in
your community, but I cannot honor commitments made on my behalf without
my knowledge.

Next, may I ask that the lecture be held in a room of appropriate size.
Please schedule the speech in a room with a seating capacity near that
of the anticipated audience. Speakers get lost in a cavernous dining hall, and communication is hard to establish in a windy amphitheater. So, no gymnasium, stock pavilion, or outdoor arena, please.

Finally, let me thank you for honoring my requests, and let me say that
I am looking forward to being with you and visiting in the community.


Julian Bond

p.s. My office assistant, Ms. Noe, will be able to answer any questions you may have concerning this letter. The office number is 404 - 758 - 9101.

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