We entered the seventies after nearly ten years of progress.
That progress was interrupted, but can be made to begin again. As
DuBois has written: "There is progress, and clear progress, but it
is slow and gradual, and difficult to measure exactly..... (but) all this
will not settle the real problem of American Negroes, because that problem
will still be what do we do with the increased wage, extension of
education, better home surroundings, and the right to vote. What are
the priviledges for?

"Are we going to try to increase the wealth of the richest
by climbing on the faces of the poorest among us? Are we going to use
our education for enjoyment or for service? Are our homes going to be
centers of gorging and gambling entertainment or for civilization? With
the right to vote, what are we going to vote for? Why are we going to
vote? What kind of social organization are we going to build?

W E B DuBois

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