What we need to be about in 1977 - and for many, many
years to come - is a version of politics which cannot be
labeled by any of the old terms. To call our aspirations
part of the "new" politics, or to label it "radical" or
"socialist" is to merely put a title on a phenomenon still
undergoing birth.

If there is an opening for an American era of politics
different from the past, then it must be a citizen's democracy,
insurgent, but with its focus seriously aimed at power.

When I speak here of "democratic and democracy", I do
not mean the political party presently in power, or the
system of selecting government leaders as presently practiced
in America; I mean the system of equally distributing wealth
and power in an organized society, through institutions based
on the premise that we all have equal ability - and equal
right - to make decisions about our lives and our future.

This will require the creation of a large cadre with the
strategy, skill and vision to build a democratic movement in

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