- to guarantee that no one goes without the basic
necessities - food, shelter, health care, a healthy
environment, personal safety, and an adequate income;

-to meet our obligations to assist in the development
of the world's lesser developed nations.

To meet these goals, we must move radically away from
an economy where the top 1% of the population receives more
income than the bottom 20% and the richest 10% of the
population receives the same income as the bottom 50%.

That is a monumental task - its conclusion, after two
hundred years of struggle, is far from just around the corner.

Let us reflect then on some words from the past,
again from Dr. Dubois:

"We are American Negroes. It is beside the point to ask
whether we form a real race. Biologically we are mingled of
all conceivable elements, but race is psychology, not biology,
and psychologically we are a unified race with one history,
one red memory, one revolt. It is not ours to argue whether
we will be segregated or whether we ought to be a caste. We

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