are segregated; we are a caste. Our problem is: how far and
in what way can we consciously and scientifically guide our
future so as to insure our physical survival, our spiritual
freedom and our social growth? Either we do this or we die.
There is no alternative. If America proposed the murder of
our group, its moral descent into imbecility and crime and
its utter loss of manhood, self-assertion and courage, the
sooner we realize this the better. By that great line of
McKay, 'If we must die, let it not be like hogs.' But the
alternative of not dying like hogs is not that of dying or
killing like snarling dogs. It is rather conquering the world
by thought and brain and plan; by expression and organized
cultural ideals. Therefore, let us not beat futile wings in
impotent frenzy; but carefully plan and guide our segregated
life, organize in industry and politics to protect it and
expand it.

What will be, no one knows. It may be a great
physical segregation of the world along the color line; it
may be an economic rebirth which insures spiritual and group
integrity and physical diversity. It may be utter annihilation
of class and race and color barriers in one ultimate mankind,
differentiated by talent, susceptibility and gift - but any of
these ends are matters of long centuries and not years. We

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