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Greg S. at May 16, 2020 06:40 AM


HOUSTON, TEXAS - The Carter Administration has "failed to meet the
expectations of the Black and poor Americans that put it into office",
the 30th National Student Congress of the National Student Association
was told here today.

In remarks prepared for delivery today, Georgia State
Senator Julian Bond told representatives of America's college youth
that the human rights movement of the 1960s "is in dissaray, its parts
divided, its goals unclear, unable to bring itself together to confront
the still massive problems of the twentieth century."

Bond was a leader of the 1960s student civil rights drive
and an active participant in the anti-war movement. He has been a con-
sistent critic of both the Carter candidacy and the eight-months old
Carter administration for its "lack of commitment to the problems of the

Bond said the '60s movement had "passed two successive civil
rights bills, convinced 50% of the American public the Vietnam war was
wrong, helped reform the Democrat party, aided the rebirth of the women's
movement, nurtured the ecological concerns of the decade" but began to
fall apart when Richard Nixon was elected President in 1968.

The Carter campaign of 1976 raised hopes that the movement's
concerns would once again receive priority, Bond said, but those hopes
have been set aside in the name of balanced budgets and corporate domina-
tion of the American economy."

Bond said Black voters had been mistaken to vote for a
candidate "who knows the words to our hymns but not the numbers on our

Carter campaign promises to cut defense spending, to
expose CIA and FBI abuses, to provide jobs for the unemployed, and to
give Blacks employment parity in his administration have not been kept.

The United States National Students Association is a 30-
year-old organization of student leaders and governments. In the 1960s,
it provided much of the impetus for student participation in the civil
rights and anti-war demonstrations.