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of the dorsal sepal to that of the lip. Dorsal sepal
very large, orbicular, rather [crossed out: than the]
broader above the middle, white with broad
purple alternately long & shorter bands, the
latter warted towards the base, none of them
reaching the tip; margins very slightly revolute
below the middle; lateral sepals combined
into a brown oblong obtuse concave ribbed
limb much shorter than the lip. Petals
straight, flat. 2 1/2" long and 1 1/2" broad; ciliate
green, dull purple towards the subacute
tips, with a series of 6 or 8 purple vanished
hairy warts along each margin & a few on the
disk beyond the middle. Lip dull purple, 2"
long subcylindrical, ventricose below the middle
mouth slightly dilated, emarginate in front.
Staminode lunate with acute incurved cusps,
& 5 teeth in the sinus, cleft with a [crossed out: illegible] narrow
sinus at the back. J. D. H.

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