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Orch. [crossed out: illegible] Album tab. 196.

Cypriped. Schroedeae. Rbch. f. Gard.
Chron. XIX. 432.
Garden hybrid

Leaves 1' long or more, strap shaped, taper pointed
& spreading. Scape taller than the leaves, branched
densely pubescent, bearing about 5 large & highly
coloured flowers with compressed glabrous,
semiovate, spathaceous subfalcate bracts, becoming
smaller upwards, greenish blotched
with purple. Flowers large, solitary, very distinct
in aspect; sepals ovate, 2" long & 1" broad, downy
[crossed out: at the base] on both surfaces flushed with rose
& faintly veined with olive-green, the central
& stouter veins tinted with rose, the lower one
broadly ovate obtuse concave; petals deflexed
about 4" long, 1/2 " broad at the base especially on
the lower side, the hairs deep purple; lip large,
1" broad & nearly 2" long, oblong, very obtuse, the
opening about 1" deep, dark purplish rose or
dull crimson, somewhat veiny with deeper rose,
the anterior edge crenulate the broadly infolded
fleshy edges creamy white with short
stiff hairs. Staminode fleshy, transversely
oblong, with a short claw, the front edge with
a central apiculus, where it is recurved
against the tongue-shaped lower portion, creamy
white, with a whisker-like fringe of deep
purple hairs behind & on the lower side
a fleshy bluntly-triangular process having
its upper surface hollowed out & set thickly on
both surfaces with short stiff hairs.

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