Letters from Robert Allen, Company A 13th Ohio



Page 1 August 9, 1861
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Page 1 August 9, 1861

Sutton, August 9th, 1861.

Dear Mother: We are still in the town of Sutton. This town consists of two rows of houses, situated between several hills, which are called "Sutton Heights." These "Heights, if well fortified, and commanded by a considerable force, could not be taken by the whole Southern army. I learn that it is made a regular Post, and that troops will soon come to garrison it.

There are but five companies of our Regiment here at present, the others having gone ahead about thirty miles; and we have lately learned from one of the teamsters who was with them, that they, with the Seventh Regiment, were advancing on a force, forty-five thousand strong. I think it folly in them to do so. I know they do not think [that] [our] enemies cowards; and surely they are aware that they also can fight: why, then, will they march

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Page 2 August 9, 1861
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Page 2 August 9, 1861

on so great a force? I cannot account for it, unless the supposition wich I entertain is true. It is this: That Tyler, who is in command, either expects reinforcements, or designs to lead on this handful of men into the lion's jaw, that he may devour them! But I hope the latter part of this supposition is unfouned; for Tyler is shurely a brave man, and perhaps the best acquainted with this part of Virginia. [the] [My] reason for forming this latter part of this supposition is, that a letter was found, in which there were knews, intened to be carried to the rebel commander, and Tyler was suspected of being its author. HoweverN nothing was proved against him; and he was acquitted on the verdict, that some one, who had a spite at this commander, dropped the letter, so that he might gratify his villainous self. Whether he was justly acquitted,

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Page 3  August 9, 1861
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Page 3 August 9, 1861

will soon be seen.

The 10th Regiment was ordered back to Buccanan, as it was on its way to this place. They expect a fight at that place. So, we expect fights on both sides of us. I earnesly hope that we will be victorious, and yet I fear that the result will be otherwise, if such little small forces undertake to cope with large forces of the enemy.

I wish you to be inform me as to the condition of things at home. Tell me to whom Austin gave his crops, and how he disposed of his horses, &c.

While writing I hear it reported that the 13th Regt. will soon return to Camp Dennison, for the purpose of recruiting. But I think the report is false. Should it prove true, I will apply for a furlough

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Page 4 August 9 1861
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Page 4 August 9 1861

Direct your letter after the following model:

Mr. Robert Allen, Clarksburg, Harrison Co.,

In care of Cap't Beach, Company A, Virginia. 13th Regiment, O. V. M.

Robert Allen

M [letter inserted bottom right]

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Page 1 April 4, 1862
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Page 1 April 4, 1862

Robert's Brother

18th Reg. Regulars, U.S.A.

Camp Near Mount Pleasant

State of Tennessee " " "

Friday April 4th 1862

Dear Mother:

I wrote to you a few days ago, while we were encamped in Williamson Co. Tenn. and received a letter from home, the next morning. Just as we were getting ready to strike our tents for a days march farther south. It came a welcome messenge and gladdened me; for a mother's voice hath music in its tone, and riches far than the most delicious of all Italian trills compared (the comparison may be sinfull) with which their warblings are tame.

You complain of my delinquency in corresponding but you do not know the inconveniences and difficulties we labor in under, when you speak thus;

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