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passage, wondered, if you were dead or alive
passage, will readilly realize the effect of
the sudden turn of affairs when Stonewall
Jackson fell upon us. like a thunder bolt
sweeping our victorious army from the

When crazy Sherman asked for two
hundred thousand men to defend Ky
and Buell relieved him of the command
I was at McCooks headquarters at
Munfordsville, ^on Green River^ The winter was spent
facing Buckner, with Terrys Texas Rangers
(the naturaral enemiesof Wellicks dutch)
in close proximity. The bodies of Zollicoffer
and Bailey Peyton ^killed at Mill Springs^ were sent through the
lines, Accompanying the flag of truce I had
an opportunity see the enemy at short range

The fall of Donalson and Ft Henry and
the surrender of Nashville, encouraged
a forward movement and we reached
Shiloh in time to participate in the second
days fight.

It was said that Buell saved Grants
army, it was our which was my impression at the Time, —
Grant subsequently saved not only the army
he commanded, but cared for, in a
commendable way. Every army that was
opposed to him and finally, when reduced
by treachery and deception to absolute penury,

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