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union. The Fugative ^slave^ was to be returned to
his master as though it was our especial
business to perpetuate that the institution ^of slavery^ to
the end of time. The policy creating the
contraband and counter marches over
the territory effaced all pleasing features,
so that taken The returned Confederate later would
with difficulty recognise the home of
his childhood.

The march to Florance over the old
Jackson trail, the picturesque camp on
the shelving side of the river bluff—the
place where Old Hickory slept while his
army was crossing the Tennessee river on
its way to New Orleans, were doubly
interesting ^to me^ because ^it was where^ ^it was there that^ I said good bye
to ^my^ companions to assume the duties of
a recruiting officer in Cincinnati.

On the 2d of September 1862 nine
companies of the unorganized 83d Ohio
at Camp Dennison were ordered into
Kentucky to oppose the advance of
Kirby Smith with several regiments
of volunteers and a battalion of the
13th Infantry, an aggregation of militia
squirrel hunters and companies of
citizens of the Queen City who were to be
unwilling workers with pick and spade

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