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of Genl George W Morgans command
followed by those of Morgan [W?] Smith
The gunboats fired continuous, but
the intervening woods interfered with
the effectiveness of their fire aim and
endangered the lives of our men, by
shells striking and exployding ^in^ the trees above
their heads.

The shrill whistle of the locomotive and
exultant cheers as the trains arrived, indicated
that re enforcements were constantly arriving coming

The earthworks along the face of the
bluff werewas outlined in the mist. by flame a blaze
along its entire length ^by a blaze of flame^ The attacking
parties in column of company were
literally swept from the bridges and
the few who succeeded in getting accross,
were shot down in attempting to fall
back. The disabled were digging
in the sand some with bayonet others
with only their hands, to protect them
selves:—^the dead were piled in rows like cord wood^ all in full view of those who were to
follow. Information of the The destruction of Grants depot
of supplies of Holly Springs by Van Dorns
cavalry, reached Sherman, who determined
to withdraw. The skillful work of the many
in covering the retreat enabled Sherman him

[left margin in pencil]
My recollections of the hollidays
spent in the Yazoo swamps will never
be effaced and are incomparable with
any subsequent experience during the remainder of our campaign

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