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20 myself [followed the men] To our amazement we were looking
into the enemys ditch, upon a body of rebels
outnumbering our party by half. A discussion
arose between the officers about advancing
our lines. Our fellow insisted that unless
he could go forward, both parties had better
get into their respective holes and [illegible]
The matter was finally compromised [by]
an allowance of twenty five yards. The
rebs fell back, that distance, and our fellows
commenced digging at their feet. From
that time forward, we seldom missed
a night in the trences [trenches]; provided with all
the comforts and conveniences of life, as
far as we were able to secure them, from
the [setler?] and commissary, We had
personal friends among our foes some
of whom would stick to us as long as there
was a drop [left in the] canteen or a cracker in his [illegible] sack but I must
say for the credit of the majority that hard
tack was esteemed most of all our contributions
I had personal doubts as to the propriety of
feeding our enemies, until I learned their
pitiful stories and was shown specimens of their
subsistance consisting of mule [--eah?]
and other equally appetising [provinder?] viends
As it was, neither party in the secret were
disposed to communicate our relations to

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