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21 to superior officers The [Jonnies?] for fear their
rations would be stopped and ourselves
because it was intensly entertaining. From the
position selected we could watch the majestic
ascent and rapid fall of the morter shells,
rained into the city, from the river [front] that
were exploding with a [concussion] reverberation [that]
resembled in terrifying similarity the [illegible]
of rapidly running locomotives.

To protect themselves from the death dealing
missles, the inhabitants, (that were too loyal
to leave.) had abandoned their houses and were
occupying excavations in the clay bluffs. On
the morning of the surrender, as we rode into
the place, the astounding reality was presented
of beautiful women, occupying these unique apartments.
Some of these were sumptuously furnished
with draperies drawn aside, to get a better
view of the Yankee hord as they approached

I wish I could paint in words the scene
that preceeded the surrender - Imagine the
incessant rattle of musketry interspersed
with the shriek of the Whetworth and low
bellowing of the Columbiad followed at intervals by the
dull concussion of [sap?] and [mine?], [continualy]
which had continued
for forty [days] consecutive days suddenly
changed into a profound and painful
silence. The rail of smoke [suddenly] raised

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In line 8, the word "concussion" was deleted
In line 28 the word "continualy" was deleted
In line 30 the first "days" was deleted
In line 32 the word "suddenly" was deleted