1858-01-28 A.S. Webb to Susan Webb

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Thursday, January 28th

My dear Sister,

Sam and Doc arrived home last night save and sound. They left Sis Etta at Cousin Harriet Thompson's, who will remain there until Sunday and some us will meet her at Salem and bring her home. It may give you some pain to know I have quit school and Bro Sid has engaged Henry Oldham to clerk for him, and so you see I am knocked out of business. But I hope I shall find something to do more profitable than going to school to [predudiced?] teacher. I had studied hard as it was in my power to do this session, and the other morning having a very hard Greek lesson, failed on it. When Mr. Bingham wrote to Ma and told her I was doing no good at school, and it would be a great favour to him to take me from school, it went very hard with me to stop after I had begun, and still harder with my dear, dear Mother. But the Lord knoweth what is best to do. It makes me feel sad while I think of it and will drop the subject. Ma is confined to her bed to-day with the head-ache. Ellen also is in her bed. Mrs. John Morrow come up to see her this morning. I took tea at Dr. Long's last night found all quite well and lively. Bro Sid has purchased Dr. Long's part in the store, give my love to Addie, and receive a large portion for yourself. I suppose, Susan & Sister Etta told you all the news. Good bye, Your own Brother A. S. Webb

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