1858-01-28 A.S. Webb to Susan Webb

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Thursday, January 28th

My dear Sister,

Sam and [?] arrived home last night save and sound. They left Sis Etta at Cousin Harriet Thompson's, who will remain there until Sunday and some us will meet here at [Salem?] and bring her home. It may give you some pain to know I have quit school and Bro Sid has engaged Henry Oldham to clerk for him, and so you see I am knocked out of business. But I hope I shall find something to do more profitable than going to school to [p...?] teacher. I had studied hard as it was in my power to do this session, and the other morning having a very hard Greek lesson, failed on it. When Mr. Bingham wrote to [Ma?] and told her I was doing no good at school, and it would be a great favor to him to take me from school, it went very hard with me to stop after I had begun, and still harder with my dear, dear Mother. But the Lord knoweth what is best to do. It makes me feel while I think of it and will drop the subject. [Ma?] is confined to her bed to-day with the head-ache. Ellen also is in her bed. Mrs. John Morrow come up to see her this morning. I took tea at Dr. Long's last night found all quite well and lively. Bro Sid has purchase Dr. Long's [part?] in the store, give my love to [Sadie?] and receive a large portion for yourself. I suppose, hasn't Sister Etta told you all the news. Good bye, Your own Brother A. S. Webb

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