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Sec. I This Congregation shall be known
by the name of the
children of Israel.

Sec. I The mode of worship shall be in
conformity to the minhag Ashkenass
(Custom of the German Israelites).

Sec. I The affairs of this Congregation shall
be administered by a board of officers
consisting of the President, Vice President
Secretary & Treasurer & Three Trustees
who shall be elected at a general
meeting of the Congregation, to be held
in the month (of Nissan)
every year or as near that period
as practicable,
& said board of officers shall
continue in office until their successors
are elected & entered into office.

Election of Officers
Sec I The election of officers mentioned in
Article III of this Constitution, shall be
by separate Ballots (or acclamation if no objection raised) and the candidate
receiving a majority of all the votes cast
shall be declared duly elected.

Sec II No member shall be nominated
to any office, unless he is present at the

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