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election, or has previous to his being
nominated, signified his willingness to
accept the office he is nominated for
by a letter to the presiding officer, which
letter is to be laid before the voters
immediately, upon the candidate being

Sec III In case of any vacancy in the board
of officers, a new election for the unexpired
term of the vacant office shall take place
within one month after such vacancy

Sec IV Any member elected to any office &
desires to resign the same shall
tender his resignation in writing at
the General Meeting of the Congregation.

Duties & Power of the Board of Officers

Sec I The board of officers shall keep
a record of their proceedings in a
book for that purpose & at any regular
meeting of the Congregation, the proceedings
of the board of officers, since
the last Regular meeting, shall be read.

Sec II They shall have control over the
property, books, papers & other effects
belonging to the Congregation &
provide for the safety & proper order
of the same.

Sec III They shall have the power to enact
such regulations as they may deem
expedient for their own government
for promoting order & decorum, during

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