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divine service & also for the proper administration
of our Hebrew rites & ceremonies
provided such regulations are not contrary
to the tenor of this constitution &
such bylaws, that may be hereafter

Sec IV They shall examine all bills, against
the Congregation & when approved by them,
order the same for payment.

Sec V They may approbriate for Congregative
purposes, any sum not exceeding fifty
($50.00) dollars.

Sec VI They shall accept the resignation
of a member, offered in writing, if
all his arrears are paid.

Sec VII They shall have the power to suspend
salaried officers, for neglect of
duty or misconduct in office, until
the final decision of the case be
rendered by the Congregation.

Sec VIII They shall have power to relieve
a member from paying his monthly
contributions in part or entire, if such
a member applies to them, praying
for such relief, whenever they are satisfied
of the petitioners inability to pay, provided
that such petitioner has been a member
of the Congregation one year & is
not in arrears. They may however
at any subsequent period reinstate
him as a full paying member.

Sec IX. If a member of the board of officers
shall absent himself for three successive
meetings of the Board, his office shall

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