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be declared vacant by said body
unless he be excused by them.

Sec X They shall have the power & it
shall be their duty to prescribe rules
& regulations to all the salaried officers
[margin note: subject to the ratification of the congregation]
& such rules & regulations, not to be
contrary to the tenor of these Constitutions
or the bylaws, that may be hereafter

Sec XI Any member of the board of officers
shall be liable for neglect of the duties
of his office to suspension or removal from

Duties & Power of the President

Sec I The President shall preside at all
meetings whether of the Board of officers
or of the Congregation. He shall vote
on all elections & on Constitutional questions;
in other cases he shall only give
the casting vote.

Sec II He shall attend synagogue at the
stated times of divine service on every
Sabbath & Holy days, he shall see that
the rules & regulations, concerning order
& decorum in the synagogue, be strictly
complied with.

Sec III He shall sign all orders for
the payment of bills passed by the board
of officers & licenses for marriages.

Sec IV He shall have power to order at
any time, a special meeting of the board
of officers, or of the Congregation, but
it shall be his duty to order all regular

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