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meetings & to convene a special meeting
of the board of officers, within 24
hours, if called on by a written application
signed by two (2) members of the
Board & a special meeting of the
Congregation within ten (10) days if requested
by similar application signed by five
(5) members provided the application
states the purpose for which the
respected meeting shall be convened.

Duties of the Vice President

Sec I The Vice President shall act as
president in the absence of the latter.
He shall attend synagogue at the
stated time of divine service, on every
Sabbath & Holy day & assist the President
in performance of his duties.

Duties of the Secretary

Sec I The Secretary shall keep a record
of the proceedings of the Congregation
& Board of officers, keep correct accounts
between the congregation & its members.
He shall receive every description of
revenue belonging to the Congregation,
pay the same over to the Treasurer,
taking his receipt for such. He shall
draw all orders on the Treasurer

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