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There appearing no further business
the meeting adjourned.

S. Morris

Sacramento, April 24th, 1881

A regular monthly meeting
of the board of officer of C.B.I.
was held at Mr. B. Kozminsky's office
at 10 1/2 o'clock A.M.

Mr L. Elkus President, presiding.
All officer was noted present
except Mr. D. Lubin.

The Minutes was read and approved.

Resignation of Mr D. Hyman was read
and on motion accepted.

Report of Committee on Basement
made their report, that the fixing up basement for
school purpose would cost not less
than one thousand dollars and then it will not
look well. On motion, the report was
received, and Committee discharged.

The Committee on Rules and Regulations was
on Motion discharged, and postpone action
until the general meeting of Congregation.

A Communication from Rev. J. Bloch was
read in regard of altering the reading desk.
On motion the communication was received, placed
on file and action deferred, until general meeting of B.I.

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