Status: Complete

The Purim ball Committee make their report as follow
Sales of Tickets $191.50
Cash Taking at supper 35.25
" " of Hatroom 12.50
" " for lot of sugar 1.50
Total $240.75
Total Expenses $129.25
balance $111.50

There is also 39 Tickets out yet.
On motion the report was received.

On motion of Mr. Haines that $23.00
be appropriated to buy a suitable wedding
present for Miss Goldman, on account
she has volunteered to sing in choir. Carried.
The President and Vice President was appointed
on committee to select a present for Miss Goldman.

On motion the President and secretary was
authorized to procure a seal for the C.G. [congregation??]

On motion of Mr. Haines, a committee of 5
be appointed including the President
to make arrangement for a picnic. Carried.

The President appointed
Mr. L. Phillips, Mr. A. Hamburger,
L.J. Lithauer, M. Levy and the President.

The following bills was allowed
G. Haines exchange Silver $1.20
Rev J. Bloch Salary and Wedding fees 160.00
M. Wilson, collector and Shamas " " 30.00
N. Mohns, taking care of cemetery 15.00
O. Fleissner, Organist 20.00
Miss J. Wood for singing in Choir 5.00
Capitol Gas Co 4.90
City Taxes 94.00
Total $310.10 [$330.10]

Notes and Questions

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"There is also 39 tickets out Year." Perhaps purchased a previous calendar year and needing to be figured into the budget as such?