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Sacramento, September 28, 1881

A regular monthly meeting of the
Board of Trustees of the synagogue
was held at Mr. B. Kozminsky office
at 4:30 P.M. Mr. L. Elkus, President,
in the chair. Minutes of last regular and
special meeting read and approved.
All trustees noted present except Mr.
L. Lavenson.

Resignation of Marks Levy as a
member of the Congregation read and

Application of Mr. L. Dombrower to
become a member of the Congregation
was read, and on motion the
applicant was duly elected.

The Vice President handed in 5.25 amount
collected in charity box at cemetery.

The Vice President reported progress in
cemetery repairs and stated he was
going to get an estimate from

It was moved and seconded that the
President be empowered to provide an
assistant for the Rabbi on Yom Kippur
Day. Carried.

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