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It was moved and seconded that the Rabbi of
the congregation have nothing to do with the
burial preparations of any deceased member
of the congregation. Carried.

Trustee J.S. Newmark presented to the
Synagogue some etrogim which he
ordered for the Synagogue use.

The Bill of Scott and Muir was
referred back to the President and Vice President.

Bills allowed

Rev. Dr. J. Bloch, Salary Sept. 150.
Mr. N. Mohns, Cemetery 15.
" M. Wilson Collector 35.
" O. Fleissner Organist 25.
Mrs. Jennie Woods Chorister 4.50
Gas Bill 4.20
S. Robertcheck " Keys & Decorations 3.45
Etrogen "Expressage" J.S. Newmark 45.
Scott & Muir Plumbing & Gas Fitting 18.11

Nothing further appearing, upon motion the
President adjourned the meeting.

L. J. Lithauer

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