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Sacramento, October 30, 1881

The regular monthly meeting of
the Board of Trustees of the Congregation
B'nai Israel was held at
the above date at Mr. B. Kozminski's
office at 10:30 A.M.

In the absence of the President
the Vice President Mr. M. Robertscheck
took the chair and called the
meeting to order, a quorum being

On roll call all officers were noted
present excepting Messrs. Lavenson,
Block, and L. Elkus.

The following communications
were then read.

From Mr. James L. Cohen to become
a member of the Congregation with dues
at 1.00 per month. Upon motion
seconded and carried, the applicant
was elected a member.

From Mr. Meyer Stein to become
a member, with dues at 2.00 a
month. On motion duly seconded,
the applicant was elected a member.

The resignation of Messrs. A. Hamburger,
Samuel Marks and S. Rothfeld in
consequence of removing from the city
were read and upon motion accepted.

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