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Sacramento, November 14, 1881

A special meeting of the
Board of officers was held on
the above date at 7:30 P.M.

The President L. Elkus in
the chair.

All officers noted present excepting
G. Haines and Mr. Block.

The President then stated
that the meeting was called
for the purpose of acting upon
the communication of the
Rev. Dr. J. Bloch in regard
to giving a Chanukah Festival
and said communication was
open for debate.

Mr. Samuel Lavenson moved and
it was seconded that the communication
be received and acted
upon. Carried.

A discussion as to the advisability
of giving such a Festival at the
present time, the same being
debated upon pro & con by all
members present including the
Rev. Dr. J. Bloch who was present
by invitation. No definite
conclusion being arrived at, the
Rev. Dr. Bloch asked to withdraw
from the meeting pending further

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