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Sacramento, November 21, 1881

An adjourned special meeting of
the Board of officers was held at
the above date at 7:45 P.M.

The President L. Elkus in the chair.
All noted present on call excepting
M. Block and L. Phillips.

The President reported that he had
waited on the Ladies Benevolent
Society and that they did not seem
disposed to enter into the spirit of
disposing of tickets for the Chanukah

It was moved by Mr. Kozminsky
and seconded by Mr. S. Lavenson
that the Rev. Dr. J. Bloch be asked
to get up a Chanukah Festival,
the same to take place in the
Synagogue as the best he can
for the instruction of the Sabbath
School. Carried and the
Secty. inform him of such action of
the Board. Carried.

A Communication was read from
the Rev. Dr. J. Bloch stating that the organist
Mr. Fleissner, could not play on
Thanksgiving Days services.

It was moved and seconded that as all
the organists are engaged, that the
services be conducted without choir
and the Secty. inform the Rev. Dr. Bloch
of such fact. Carried.

Nothing further appearing the meeting adjourned.

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