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Sacramento, February 9, 1882

A special meeting of the Board
of Officers of the Congregation was
held at the above date at Mr. B.
Kozminsky's office.

A quorum being noted present,
the President Mr. L. Elkus in the
chair, called the meeting to order.

All officers noted present excepting
Mr. J.S. Newmark.

The President stated that this
was a special meeting called
for the purpose of perfecting
plans for getting up a Purim
entertainment and ball.

The report of the appointed
committee for this purpose was
then called for. Said committee
reported that it was in their
judgment the best plan to
get up an entertainment and

It was moved and seconded
that the report of the committee
be received and immediate
action taken thereon. Carried.

It was moved and seconded
that a committee of three be appointed
by the Chair, to act in conjunction
with the President and Vice President
in getting up said entertainment

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