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Sacramento, November 26th, 1882

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of
Officers of the Cong. B'nai Israel was held
at B. Kosminsky.

President L. Elkus presiding.
At roll call, trustee Lithauer, Block, and
the Secretary were noted absent.

A motion was made and carried that the
President has the power to sign all bills
for the month and also to see the secretary
and request his presence or his resignation.
The following bills were read and allowed.

Rev. Dr. Bloch 150.00
M. Wilson 35.00
N. Mohn 15.00
J.T. Cooper 20.00
Mrs. J.T. Cooper 10.00
Miss Jeannie Woods 10.00
H.B. Society 10.00
Total 250.00
Myer Bros. Hack hire. 11.00
Total $261.00

Mr. Moose Loevenson of Rocklin was
elected a member of the Cong. with dues
of 2.00 per month.

It was moved and seconded that a Committee
of two be appointed to solicit subscription to
purchase a present for Joe Fritz. [Note]
The President appointed Mr. L. Phillips
and himself as such committee.

No further Business appearing before the
Board, the same adjourn.

S. Dombrower
pro tem

[Note: (Joseph) Fritz & Miller, undertakers]

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